Social Erasmus is an international program by the Erasmus Student Network (ESN) that promotes the social attitude among young citizens participating in mobility programmes, to facilitate their integration into the local community while giving them the chance to make a long-lasting social change in society through volunteering activities.

And what we do? We cooperate with Kociánka centre, a house for children with disabilities. There we are spending some time with children who live there and have a good time. We draw pictures, play some games or instruments and have fun. Also, we go there on St. Nicolas day and do St. Nicolas, Devil and Angel or on Easter holiday and decorate eggs. Time in Kociánka with those kids will give u a different view on the world you live in. Participate in Social Erasmus program and experience something incredible which will leave a mark on you. #LeaveYourMark

Watch our video from Easter at Kocianka

Social event we organized:

  • St. Nicolaus at Kocianka
  • Easter at Kocianka
  • Exchange dishes
  • Cleaning the ZOO
  • Movie night
  • Fly like a dragon (at Kocianka)
  • Colourful autumn at Kocianka
  • Cats and coffee
  • Beers for cats (donation from returned beer bottles)
  • Spring at Kocianka
  • Help for disabled
  • Erasmus in School
  • Cooking for homeless
  • Bachelor auction
  • Donation of toys for kids in hospitals