Mostly every ESN section consists of several types of members which are a crucial part of the existence. Let´s find out more about membership possibilities:

  • Buddy - a person registered in our Fiesta system, helping the Erasmus students before and during their Erasmus experience, having fun and hanging out like buddies. Not necessary to attend meetings, events and help to organize them. Since Buddy is not a regular member he doesn´t have the possibility to use our membership benefits and vote in our statutory meetings. 
  • Newbie - a new regular member of our section /usually being part shorter than one semester/. Already participating in the section´s everyday life /helping with events, organizational stuff and being part of the communication/ as well as the obligation to attend the bi-weekly meetings.
  • Active Member - a member for already a longer period, already feeling like a fish in the section´s ESN sea, helping and participating where possible and attending ESN events and section meetings.
  • Board Member - a section could not work without it´s leading power. To become a board member a person first needs to be an Active member. The Board is here to take actions and decisions, innovate, control and lead the team. 
  • Coordinator - a person with higher decision "power" than the regular active member or newbie, direct supporter of the Board, taking care of specific project or initiatives in the section such as Social Inclusion, ESN Challenge.. etc. and regularly communicating with the board. To become a Coordinator a person needs to be an Active member or Active Alumni that applies and is named by the president of the section. 
  • Alumni - group/network of section's former active members who are no longer an active part of the sections everyday life /but can participate if interested/, who are here mostly to keep the network of former members together and if necessary help the board and active members with struggles, mostly providing experience if needed, not anymore having the decision making power.