The traditional cuisine of the Czech Republic is usually very rich and fatty. The first part of the lunch, which is regularly served at noon, is typically some kind of soup. These soups are often very thick and, in most cases, based on vegetable or meat broth. The next part of the lunch is the main dish, which includes many different sauces with meat. The base of these sauces is cream or flour. As a side dish, we usually eat Czech dumplings, potato dumplings, pasta or boiled potatoes. It is also possible to choose a sweet variant for lunch in the form of sweet dumplings. Venison is also a typical dish in Czech cuisine, as well as some fish. It is common to go fishing and catch your fish. Due to the fact that mushroom picking is one of the very local hobbies, this ingredient is very popular in soups or sauces. After lunch, it is typical to make coffee and eat some dessert. The most famous Czech dessert is “Bábovka”. In English, it is very similar to Marble cake. Some dishes can be very similar to Austrian or German cuisine. 
Let us introduce some specific Czech dishes as well as some tips on where to order them.


I would say this is the most traditional dish in the Czech Republic and you should definitely try this! It consists of boiled beef, Czech dumplings and root vegetable sauce such as carrot, celery and parsley. Beef broth, cream and spices are added to the vegetable base. It is served with lemon, cranberries and whipped cream.


It is a tomato sauce with typical spice bay leaf and cream. It is often served again with dumplings (optionally with pasta) and beef or minced meat stuffed in boiled peppers.

Vepřo knedlo zelo

This dish consists of roast pork, sweet and sour cabbage and classic or potato dumplings. Vepřo=pork, knedlo= dumpling, zelo= cabbage. It is very typical to substitute the pork for duck or goose during some holidays.


Although “Guláš” (goulash, Gulasch) is not an original Czech dish, it is also very popular in Czech cuisine. It is eaten with dumplings (how else) or simply with bread. It is based on onions, pork or beef, ground pepper and flour. Czech goulash is very rich and heavy. A variation of the soup is also common.

Smažený sýr

When you order this, you should expect basic fried cheese, usually Eidam, served with fries and tartar sauce. Even though it sounds very basic, it is fantastic, and you will love it! In some fast foods, you can try “smažený sýr” in a bun. That is a must-have!

Řízek s bramborovým salátem

We are pretty sure you have heard about Wiener Schnitzel. You will definitely find a chicken or pork version even on our food menu! It is one of the most popular and typical dishes here, and for those who do not like fish, you will find “řízek” (schnitzel) surely also on the Christmas table. The most famous side dish is potato salad (in Czech bramborový salát).

Ovocné knedlíky

That means fruit dumplings, and it is the number one sweet lunch here! These dumplings are filled with fruit such as strawberries, apricots, blueberries, plumbs, or raspberries. As a topping, we add quark cheese, poppy seeds or breadcrumbs. Each option is always with sugar and melted butter.


How to order this food to your home?

For delivery, we use apps like Dáme jídlo or Wolt. In both of those, you can find many Czech restaurants which offer these dishes. 
Tips for specific restaurants where to order:

  1. App Dáme jídlo: U třech čertů, Štatl Restaurant, MJ Holiday, Šmak české kuchyně Brno, Lokál U Caipla

  2. App Wolt: Skanzeen, Stopkova Plzeňská pivnice, Pivnice u Čápa, Restaurace Na Knoflíku

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