We already introduced to you Deer park Holedná (in Czech, the whole forest area is called "Obora Holedná ") in one of our previous Travel Tips: Deer park Holedná. But there is a new update about this place we would like to share with you because we think it is worth visiting!
Maybe you have already heard that there is a new view tower in Brno as it became a trendy place in a short time. It was built at the end of the year 2020, and it is located in Brno's city quarter called Jundrov. The tower is 35 meters high, and because it is placed on the side of the hill Holedná, you can see a stunning landscape around. From the tower, you can see the city as well as Brno's dam and nature around.


How can you get there?

Do not worry! Jundrov is not so far away from the city centre, and it is easy to get there using just public transport. 

Are you travelling from JAK?
There is a direct bus 44 which goes from the stop Štefánikova čtvrť to the stop Optátova. The whole journey is 25 minutes.

Are you travelling from Taufer?
You will have to take the tram 12 from Tererova to the stop Skácelova and then change for bus 44, which will take you to the stop Optátova. The whole way is just 22 minutes.

Are you travelling from somewhere else like the city centre?
For you, it is best to go first to the main train station. There you'll find bus 67. This bus goes directly to the stop Optátova, and it takes 32 minutes.

From the bus stop Optátova to the view tower
Get ready for the walk! But I can guarantee you it is worth it! From the stop Optátova, it takes 2 km to get there, and it is slightly uphill. It probably won't take you more than 50 minutes to get there, and surely you will enjoy the walk because it is in a lovely area.

As you can see from the map, you have to walk to the street Nálepkova, and there you will join the touristic green hiking trail, which leads you directly to the view tower. Do not worry. On the map, it looks worse than it actually is! After you enter the forest, you will have a pleasant walk and beautiful surroundings.

Have you opened the link above and read the article about the Deer park?
If so, and you are interested in going there as well, I have a tip for you! There is a nice and very famous walk inside the forest (as mentioned in Czech called "Obora Holedná") which will lead you to the pigs' park where, with a bit of luck, you can see the deers as well. We truly recommend you to take the way and enjoy the fantastic walk! 

To get into the animals' area, you have to go back where you came from a little bit and then continue to the yellow hiking trail that's connected with the green educational hiking trail. Following the green trail, you will reach your destination after 3,3 km. There you can walk around the pigs' area or take a seat and enjoy your snack. An exit here will lead you to the bus stop Stará dálnice (bus 52), from where you can go back to the city centre.
We hope you will enjoy this trip, and when you decide to go there, do not forget to post a picture from the view tower and tag @esnmendelubrno on IG and use #traveltipsESNMENDELU!