Do you want to see beautiful nature as well as places filled with history? Trip to National Park Podyjí is perfect for you! We suggest doing so from April till October because the castles are open only in these months, but the incredible landscape is there for you all year round.

Podyjí is a national park in the South Moravian Region of the Czech Republic. It is the smallest one in the country, but the well-preserved state of the biome is cited to be unique in Central Europe. It is situated between towns Vranov nad Dyjí and Znojmo, and it got its name after the river Dyje, which has canyon-shaped character and makes this place breathtaking.

To reach this beautiful place you can choose to take a bus from Brno, but if you want to see as much as possible, we recommend to hire a car or take bicycles.

In the little town Vranov nad Dyjí, the westernmost point of the park, you can find a beautiful chateau which is fully furnished and has remarkable ceilings. It is a very romantic place with a stunning view.

The National Park Podyjí is followed by The National Park Thayatal on the Austrian side of the border so you can easily combine this trip with visiting Austria and the mentioned national park there.
The trail leading from one to the other is 10 km long, starts from a village Čížov and leads to Hardegg. In Čížov you can see a part of the Iron Curtain from time in our history when it was illegal to travel abroad, especially to the west. On the way, there is a fantastic Hardegg viewpoint from where you can see the whole town with its stunning castle and church from the 13th century. You'll reach Hardegg after crossing the border by a bridge over the river.

Other castles in the area worth visiting:

  • Nový Hrádek u Lukova is a magical ruin of a 14th-century castle, less than 9 km from Čížov.
  • Bítov, one of the oldest and most romantic castles in the Czech Republic. 
  • Cornštejn, a ruin of a castle, situated on a hill close to Bítov surrounded by the river Dyje

On the east side of the National Park Podyjí, there is Znojmo, a significant town in the South Moravian Region. Its historical centre is something you need to see: many churches and historical buildings, a castle with a rotunda, an old brewery and an underground town. Znojmo offers so many things to see.

And lastly something for wine lovers. Vineyard Šobes is waiting for you in the middle of the national park! Šobes is one of the oldest and most famous vineyards in the Czech Republic. They also offer wine tasting directly in the vineyard. To reach this place, you are going by a suspension bridge over the river Dyje, so it is a bit adventurous as well.

South Moravian Region is worth to see. Landscape and history are fascinating, yet it is not overcrowded by tourists. The National Park Podyjí connects many unique locations, so do not hesitate and visit this beautiful part of the Czech Republic!