Have you heard about Olomouc? No? But that is a huge mistake! So, let us introduce this charming city located just one hour by bus from Brno (RegioJet for 22 CZK, Arriva Express for 19 CZK from the Grand Hotel station).

As mentioned above, reaching Olomouc from Brno is nothing complicated or expensive. And it is definitely a place worth to visit. It is the capital city of the Haná region within Moravia. Until the Thirty Years’ War in the 17th century when the Swedish army arrived and attacked, Olomouc was also the capital of whole Moravia (Brno became the capital after this war).

Together with Kroměříž and Lednice, Olomouc is sometimes called “a Baroque pearl of Moravia”. And as soon as you arrive, you will understand why. The dominant of the main square (Upper square) is the Holy Trinity Column, a UNESCO site. With its 35 meters, it is the most significant Baroque statue cluster within a single sculpture in central Europe, originating in the 18th century.

Another dominant of the Upper square is the town hall built in the Gothic-Renaissance style together with an astronomical clock with socialistic motives. A bunch of tourists wait in front of the astronomical clock every day at mid-day to see and hear a gold cockerel on the top to crow.

Olomouc could also be called “the city of fountains”. You can find over twenty-five of them in the city. The most significant ones have mythologic or historical motives, and they are all in the historical centre. Moreover, you can find a lot of charming churches in Olomouc. For instance, the church of Saint Marry of the Snow in the centre, in front of the Museum of Modern Art.

You can find a lot of historical monuments in Olomouc, and we will not talk about all of them. But we have to mention at least one more. With its 100,65 meters, it is the second-highest cathedral in the Czech Republic. The St. Wenceslas Cathedral built in the 12th century. The current Neo-baroque look came from the last rebuilding in the 19th century. The heart of the archbishop and cardinal Archduke Rudolf is buried in the crypt below the cathedral.

Since we have also members coming from Olomouc in ESN MENDELU Brno, we can give you some great insider tips on where to go for a coffee or lunch! So don’t skip these paragraphs.

Well, if you get hungry after some quality sightseeing, you can rest and eat among others in Jazz Tibet Club or Svatováclavský pivovar where they cook really well. If you crave the local cuisine, go to Hanácká hospoda or U Morousů where you can get for example the famous stinky cheese “tvarůžky” that comes from this region. The Chomout beer, a local brand from a microbrewery near Olomouc, is an ideal beverage to try here.

What about taking a coffee and a cake in Café la Fée or Sophie’s Café? They are delicious, and you will feel like in Heaven in the cozy environment! And that is the right time for a nice walk in one of three big parks that create a huge complex along the Mlýnský potok river, right next to the historical centre. Or you can wander in between Christmas stalls on the Upper and Lower squares in the centre. The Advent atmosphere is breath-taking.

All in all, you will surely not get bored there. So hurry up, the semester is almost over, and you shouldn’t miss it!