If you are a fan of amazing views and would like to see the city from a distance, we have some more tips on where to go and enjoy the beautiful landscape. We want to show you some views of Brno that are not so well known, and not quite in the city centre. It means you will have to travel a bit to see it actually, but we guarantee you it is worth it!

Beginning of the village Moravany u Brna

The village called Moravany u Brna is very close to the town itself. The best way to get there is from the main train station by tram number 2 to the stop Ústřední hřbitov and then change to bus number 510 or 51. You’ll get off at the Bohunická cesta stop. If you want to walk, we recommend taking tram number 2 to the Ořechovská stop and then walking up a slight hill to the already mentioned stop, Bohunická cesta. Directly at this stop, you will see a view of the whole city. It is possible to walk a little more between family houses and directly from the field you can enjoy a beautiful view of the entire city!


Červený kopec (The Red Hill)

Červený kopec is a hill in Brno with a beatiful view. The hill rises southwest of the city centre, between the Svratka River in the north, the Štýřice district in the east and the Bohunice district in the southwest. The hill is covered mainly by gardens, the steep northern slope is forested, in some places rocky (Mahenova stráň), the southeastern slope has a steppe character, and to the northeast, you will find the Stone Colony. In the Stone Colony, there are many small houses next to each other. The settlement was established illegally in 1925 in a mined sandstone quarry on the northern slope of Červený kopec, on a steep slope above Svratka, as an emergency colony of poor workers working in a brickyard. By 1929, there were already over 100 houses. During the First Republic, the settlement within Brno even had its own self-government with the mayor and feasts were held here as well. Artists and bohemians began to move here in the 1960s and 1970s. At present, there are about 130 houses in the settlement with a small pub. This place is really atypical and adorable.

The best way to get to this hill is on foot! From the main train station, take tram number 2 to the Poříčí stop and then walk to the very top of the hill. You can walk from there to the Athropos Museum and take bus 25, 26 or 37 to Mendel Square. We recommend this short walk; you will like it.



If you like walks in the woods, go to the Kohoutovice Forest, where the road leads to a quarry with a beautiful view of Brno. From this quarry, you can continue to Obora Holedná. To Kohoutovice, you can get from Mendel’s square by trolleybus number 37 and get off at the Bellova stop. You have to walk from there. In case you decide to go for this walk, check our previous blog post to find out more about Obora Holedná.


The Hill next to the Úvoz street

Next to street Úvoz is a beautiful walk uphill, where you can enjoy a beautiful view. This hill is a part of Kraví Hora. You can get to Úvoz Street by tram number 4 from the main train station, or you can take a trolleybus 25 or 26 from Mendel’s square or directly from the JAK dormitories. Then get ready for a walk. You will see the route on the map below.


We hope you will like these places with views and you decide to go to see them all! If you go there, do not forget to share your pictures with us and tag @esnmendelubrno in your posts! Enjoy!