On Saturday 28th September, there is a Czech state holiday. What is it about? Read in our article!
The first article of the Travel Tips series is here! This time it is really near and it is totally worth it to visit!
Are you new in Brno? Let’s get an insight by our introduction article!
Look back with us at the Social Inclusion activities of this past academic year.
How did we spend the holiday on the 1st of May? By doing another fun social activity, this time focused on helping the environment.
Curious about Easter traditions? Then read this article about the ones common in the Czech Republic.
To show you how real Christmas look like in Czech republic, read the article about Christmas traditions here compared to traditions all around the globe.
Social Inclusion Days are over and therefore we are now coming with a retrospective overview. Within those 2-3 weeks we held several events in which both our Erasmus and ESN members participated. It was Café Lingea, Erasmus in school and St. Nicolaus Day.